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Welcome to my homepage!

Thank you for visiting my site.

There are two major sites:

1) Explore the Passion, and 2) Explore the Adventure.


"Explore The Passion" is:

1) a love for creativity;

2) an immeasurable attention to detail;

3) a work history of proven skills that specifically:

        a) categorized complex subject matters;

        b) implemented easy to use methodologies;

        c) provided fail-safe step-by-step procedures.

These attributes consistently delivered

quality, simplicity and cost-effectiveness

which always exceeded the expectations of the recipient.

Click: MJM CREATIONS - Explore The Passion!



"Explore The Adventure"

consists of videos I've produced from the various places we've traveled.

Click: BIG WHEELS - Explore The Adventure!

A Note about My Colorful Logos

Color Wheel .jpg

​Look at the color wheel. There are no limits to the creation of color.


Likewise, there is no limit to one's imagination and creativity which is why I have placed the color spectrum in all of my logos.


Info in the Footer

1) To enter the Site of Adventure,

click on the Coach.

2) Email address is listed.



To view all videos on YouTube,


click >>>: YouTube

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